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Here are your step-by-step instructions so that you can quickly learn the basics of using and listen to your indie audiobooks anytime, anywhere.

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Step 1 | Create Your Free Account

When you buy audiobooks through, they split the profits with Book Moon.

Step 2 | Find Your First Audiobook

If you are looking for suggestions, has expert recommendations from booksellers.

Step 3 | Listen on Your Terms believes you should listen to audiobooks in a way that works for you. That’s why they offer monthly memberships, à la carte listening, audiobook gifting, and extra benefits when you switch from another audiobook provider.

  • À La Carte Listening
    Are you an occasional listener? With, you can purchase and listen to audiobooks on your own schedule with no strings attached.
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  • Monthly Membership
    Are you an avid listener? Then this is the option for you. Get your first audiobook for free and then pay $14.99 each month. If you hold or cancel your membership (which you can do at anytime) you will still keep your audiobooks. The monthly cost of $14.99 gets you one audiobook per month. Additional audiobooks will require additional payment, but with a membership you can take 30% off certain audiobooks, including audiobook gifts.
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Audiobook Gifts

You can gift 1, 3, 6, and 12 month audiobook memberships to friends and family through You can also gift individual audiobooks by adding the audiobook to your cart, selecting the gift option, and entering the recipients email address.

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Switching from another audiobook provider? Receive 3 audiobooks for the price of 1 as a "thank you"! Simply enter the code “SWITCH” when you start your membership.

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Step 4 | Download the App

Listen with the free app and enjoy features that make listening easier and more enjoyable, including a sleep timer, bookmarks, and more. Start listening now! App FAQ

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