Mysterious Parcels!

Do you miss the opportunities for serendipitous discoveries in daily life? Miss random encounters with books? We are happy to bring our popular Mystery Bundles to our website. 

We offer bespoke mystery bundles at various prices to fit a wide range of budgets. All our bundles are handwrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

To begin with we have the very popular picture book bundle — 3 used picture books in good+ condition wrapped — and a new one: for late autumn/winter: a puzzle, a poetry collection, and a cookbook.

We will be adding many more bundles. If you'd like something made for you/someone else, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Mailing costs have shot up for the season (the post office especially raised the cross country priority mail costs) and we have incorporated them here.

Three hardcover children's picture books — used but all in good condition

A lovely bundle made up of a poetry collection, a bright, shiny 500-piece eeBoo jigsaw, and a cookbook — do tell us if you have any poetry or dietary preferences.

Puzzles are new, books are used books in good+ condition.
Puzzles do not ship media mail so this bundle will ship priority mail.

Three hardcover novels — used but all in good condition