Easthampton Community Center Donation!

Like every other temporarily shuttered bookshop we are very happy to still be somewhat busy and quite relieved to be selling books on this website (and on Bookshop). We're keeping our booksellers on (see that Bookshop link in the last sentence) and should we get a PPP grant we will be able to keep that going as long as the shutdown.

But we'd love to do a little more. So we're also collecting donations (and matching them up to $500 per month!) for our neighbors, the Easthampton Community Center who provide services and assistance and a Food Pantry, Community Care Kitchen, and a Clothing Closet and have proudly served the needs of families in the greater Easthampton area for over 46 years! The ECC is a partner agency of the United Way of Hampshire County and the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

No worries if this is not your thing, you don't have to donate, you don't have to tell us either way. Everyone has the things they support and things that just pass them by. With the federal government refusing to send states any extra shutdown funding and states losing huge percentages of their budget as sales tax receipts drop through the floor, the ECC and other like organizations are only going to get busier and we would like to help. We will pay any website fees and send through 100% of all donations received at the end of each month.

The donation is set at $3 but you can change it to $1, $5, $10, $25, or whatever you like: Primes your thing? $17 is a great donation! And $91 is fabulous! How old am I? $49 is a wonderful, too! How many months were we open? $5.50, ha! How many books do we have? Why about $12,000, woah!

Thank you!

Minimum: $1.00