Holy Fire (Compact Disc)

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Memory, morality, and immortality merge in this "haunting and lyrical triumph" from the bestselling author of Schismatrix Plus (Time).

In the late twenty-first century, technology has lengthened lifespans far beyond what was once medically possible. Existence itself has become relatively easy--if boring. In this futuristic paradise, ninety-four-year-old Mia Ziemann longs for something different and undergoes a radical new treatment that restores both her body and mind to that of a twenty-year-old. After her dramatic transformation, Mia finds herself lost in an avant-garde world of passion, designer drugs, and creative expression . . .

"Ideas--big ideas--lurk beneath Mia's romp through Sterling's delightfully imagined newly post-human Earth. Art, artifice, the pursuit of immortality, and youth and aging bounce around the story, the characters, and their conversations in imaginative, engaging fashion. . . . In the end, Holy Fire is one of the most interesting, imaginative, and subtly humorous--and relevant for it--novels the cyberpunk/post-human era has produced. . . . Holy Fire may very well be Sterling's] best work." --Speculiction

"An intellectual feat, it is also a treat for the spirit and the senses." --Wired

"A patented Sterling extra-special." --Newsday

"The future Sterling traces is plausible and provocative, particularly his consideration of several contrasting cultures, and of the disenfranchised who are unable to become 'post-human.' Those interested in serious speculative conversation set within a very strange near-future will find this much to their taste." --Publishers Weekly

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ISBN: 9781713562719
ISBN-10: 1713562715
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: January 26th, 2021
Language: English