Learning my ABCs with Mattie (Paperback)

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Learning My ABCs with Mattie is a book to help parents understand how important their childs education is. This book will guide the parents to help them with the importance of learning their ABCs. By doing so, children will develop word pronunciation, spelling, and writing. Once the child learns their alphabet and the beginning sound of each letter, they can begin forming words. This book will help parents know how to gain knowledge on the proper way to see if children are comprehending what was read to them. Reading is fundamental to young learners academic success. This is a tool that is necessary for young learners to use in order to build up basic skills in math (twenty-six letters in the alphabet), matching (words to alphabet), language (developing small words), and phonological awareness (uppercase and lowercase letters), among others.

Children will be capable of learning how to read and understand what they are reading and also to ask questions as well. When children gain knowledge of the alphabet, it piques their curiosity to learn and explore. By reading, it builds social and communication skills, which help them to understand the plot of the story and discussing what is happening and also to spark something in them to ask question and fantasize as if they were the characters. Mattie is asking the children to sing the ABC with her and motivating them as well. The book is dedicated to all young learners on how to develop their knowledge of the alphabet and to have fun exploring.

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ISBN: 9781662422591
ISBN-10: 1662422598
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: December 11th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English